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Located in the historical Davutpasa Settlement, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences continues its education, training and research activities with the contemporary education it offers on an area of 3500 square meters.

There are currently 14 faculty members, 7 research assistants and 1 administrative staff working in our department.

Besiktas, Davutpasa and Ayazaga Yildiz Technical University are located in three different residential units located in Besiktas, Davutpasa and Ayazaga. Turkish Language and Literature students also benefit from the department facilities and all common areas in other residential units.

There is a dormitory building with a capacity of 550 students, 7 dining halls, canteens and cafeterias, a health center with a 24-hour ambulance, 2 indoor gyms, 2 outdoor sports fields, a sports center with a fitness and aerobics hall on various campuses of the university.

Every year in May, a student festival is organized and our students participate in various activities for a week. During the student festival, various concerts, exhibitions, chess tournaments are organized in the Yildiz Central Settlement Unit, cultural events such as open sessions, conferences, as well as numerous scientific programs are organized. Students study painting, photography, theater, cinema, classical Turkish music, polyphonic choir, light music, modern and folk dances, benefit from oud, ney and guitar courses.

There are transportation opportunities to all university settlements from the main centers of Istanbul. At the same time, services also operate between settlements at certain hours. Dec.

Scholarship and counseling opportunities are also available at the university. Every year, unconditional scholarships are given to the 10 students with the highest scores and the students who enter their departments with the first place. In accordance with the 26th article of the higher education law numbered 2547, our students are provided with the opportunity to work as part-time assistant-student in various units.

Our students are advised by both professional managers and teaching staff to provide guidance on many issues, especially course selection, accessing scientific resources, resource scanning, mental and physical ailments, foreign relations.